How much do veterinarians earn?


Veterinary science is considered to be one of the most prestigious professions and veterinarians are highly regarded within the community. However, there is often a common misconception among the general public of how much veterinarians earn. Being a veterinarian is often seen as a lucrative career choice given the costs associated with receiving veterinary care for your pets. However, the vast majority of these costs go towards providing the materials and facilities required to be able to care for your pet.

Unlike human medicine which is heavily subsidised by the Government in Australia, veterinary care is not subsidised and therefore veterinary fees must finance all aspects of the clinic. When comparing professions with similar levels of required studies, the average veterinarian earns roughly half of what a human dentist or GP earns. This equates to the average veterinarian earning around the average full time Australian wage.

Due to the nature of the facilities needed to study veterinary science, it is also one of the most expensive courses of study in Australia. Course fees are on average about $10,000 per year for commonwealth supported places and can be as high as $50-60,000 per year for international and full fee paying students. More information regarding specific course costs and payment options can be found from the respective Universities which offer veterinary courses in Australia.

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