Pets in the family? Be sure to get pet insurance

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Pets make great companions, and they’re important members of the family too. Over your pet’s lifetime, as they develop from a puppy or kitten into an elderly animal, having pet insurance can provide valuable peace of mind to know that the pets health care expenses will be covered or reduced if any unexpected illnesses or injuries occur. Some pet insurance policies also cover more routine health care.

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, however, it is estimated that only 5 -7 % of Australian pets are insured. Pet insurance not only helps you deal with your pet’s unexpected health events, but insurance also importantly enables your veterinarian to provide the required health care treatment for your pet without financial limitations.

Considering the options

There are numerous pet insurance options available to choose from, and like other forms of insurance, the costs and coverage will differ between policies and the different insurance providers. So, it pays to read the product disclosure statements carefully and research the best pet insurance option that suits your pet and your family budget.

Vets Choice pet insurance is the only insurer endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Association, and they offer several pet insurance options with a choice of excess amounts, and no gap payments – covering 100% of eligible veterinary bills.

“There are many similarities between the treatments that pets receive and the treatments that humans receive. The same equipment, medications and even the same treatments are often used. However, unlike human medicine, there is no Medicare for pets. Which means, without pet insurance, pet owners will be facing the full cost of emergency treatments and care. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help more Australian pets become protected by insurance, to ensure they get the care they need when they need it”, said Mr Matthew Richardson, from Guild Insurance, the providers of Vets Choice pet insurance.

What are the advantages of having your pet insured?

“There are many reasons why you should consider pet insurance - with the main one being coverage for accidents and illnesses such as fractured bones, crutiate ligament injuries, cancer and tick paralysis to name a few. As a pet owner myself, you just don’t think that these things can happen to your beloved pet - but should one of these accidents or illnesses occur, it can severely put a dent in your savings”.

What is different about Vets Choice pet insurance?

If you have a new puppy or kitten, the AVA recommends taking out pet insurance coverage as soon as possible. “Vets Choice offer four weeks free insurance for all puppies and kittens, and our pet insurance is unique in our approach to covering pre-existing conditions”. More information on this can be found here.

“It’s also good to know that Vets Choice pet insurance policies do not impose age-related co-insurance penalties on older animals. Coinsurance is the percentage of your pet’s medical costs that you actually have to pay. We want to see pets getting the care they deserve. If your pet has an incident, we want you to focus on their recovery, not the financial burden”.

More information is available on the Vets Choice website about the pet insurance policy features and coverage for both dogs and cats, including breed information and average costs for treatment of various health conditions in pets.

Having your pet insured, also helps veterinarians 

A veterinarian’s job can be very difficult in instances where the pet owner is unable to afford the required treatment for their pet – this can sometimes even result in euthanasia of the pet if they are suffering. Having pet insurance ensures that the necessary diagnostic tests and treatment can be carried out, ensuring the best outcome for the pet.  

When you purchase Vets Choice pet insurance, a percentage of every policy sold, goes directly to the AVA to help fund mental health programs and support for its members.  

Guild Insurance also donates a percentage of premiums to the AVA’s Benevolent Fund which assists veterinary professionals and their families who are affected by illness, financial issues, accident, or are otherwise experiencing hardship.