Animal Health and Welfare

Veterinarians are committed to improving the health and welfare of animals every day. Whether in a clinic, in the field, undertaking research or across a range of other professional settings – they play a critical role in ensuring that the best possible outcomes are achieved for animals.

Improving animal welfare

Taking a lead on animal welfare issues across livestock, companion and performance animals.

Planning an effective veterinary workforce

Where there are animals, there needs to be veterinarians. Veterinarians are critical for safeguarding the health and welfare of Australia and our animals

Ensuring sustainable veterinary services

It is important that in Australia we maintain and improve the long-term sustainability of veterinarians and veterinary services in Australia.

Better regulation

The Australian Veterinary Association wants to ensure that Australia’s laws best protect our animals, and those that own, interact and work with them.

Fighting antimicrobial resistance

Antibiotic resistance and the emergence of ‘superbugs’ is a global problem. Veterinarians and human health experts are working together in Australia to tackle the issue.