Kids, animals & education: PetPEP Program


AVA PetPEP is the Australian Veterinary Association’s Pets and People Education Program, an education initiative that teaches children about responsible pet ownership and safety around animals.

The program was developed by veterinarians and teachers to promote safe, healthy and responsible communities through a focus on how to interact with, understand and care for animals. AVA PetPEP was established over 20 years ago, and continues to engage with and help educate our next generation of responsible pet owners.

In Queensland, AVA PetPEP works with AVA member vets and a range of animal industry professionals in the local community to deliver interactive, highly visual and age-appropriate educational visits to primary schools across the state. Visits are free of charge and fully coordinated by the AVA PetPEP team. If it is not possible for your school to host a face-to-face visit from us, let us know so we can explore other options.

In other states and territories, AVA PetPEP is an online resource for vets, teachers and the community.

What are schools saying about PetPEP?

"The students loved the interaction with the animals. Very effective for learning."
- Karalee State School, Qld

"We integrated it into the science curriculum focussing on living things and their needs. PetPEP also integrates into English with speaking and listening."
- Manly West State School, Qld

"PetPEP presenters were wonderful. The presentations were excellent and link well with all curriculum areas."
- Cleveland State School, Qld

"The children loved it; you could tell by their wonderful behaviour and manners. A very worthwhile project!"
- Rockhampton North Special School, Qld

Interested in booking a PetPEP school visit?

AVA PetPEP school visits are available to primary schools throughout Queensland.