Vets Choice – proud sponsors of new TV show, Animal SOS Australia

24 Mar 2023

Vets Choice insurance for pets has an enduring commitment to the community of vets who care for our pets. We’re currently proud sponsors of a new television program, Animal SOS Australia, that showcases the incredible work of our Australian vets and nurses.

Capturing the love, joy and challenges Australians share with their pets, while examining the lifesaving work of veterinarians and shelter staff in helping pets in need, the show goes behind-the-scenes at three primary Melbourne locations: Southern Animal Health in Cheltenham, the Australian Animal Protection Society in Keysborough and Animal Aid in Coldstream.

Animal SOS Australia not only shares stories of pets in need, but it also shines a light on what vets and shelter staff  go through every day when treating injured and sick animals, or those that have been abandoned, neglected and are in desperate need of life-saving surgery and a new home.

At Vets Choice we understand that when it comes to protecting your pet, you want the best care available. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).The AVA, backed by a 33-year partnership with Guild Insurance, are working hard to  .

As the only pet insurer to be endorsed by the AVA, our Vets Choice pet insurance policy is shaped by the input of Australian vets from the ground up. We know the nature of in-practice care and treatment and have experienced the distress pet owners face when their furry family members suffer accidents and illnesses.

Animal SOS Australia illustrates the unfortunate reality of what can happen when things go wrong, and the difficult decisions many pet owners face when there are unexpected  veterinary care and treatment costs.

Our focus is on improving the level of health and wellbeing of Australian pets. While we know your furry family members aren’t bullet-proof, we want to work together to safeguard your pets against accidents and illnesses and offer insurance coverage to protect your pets when they need it most, so you can focus on what matters – having fun with your furry friend.

Vets Choice policies are loaded with flexibility so you can choose the level of cover and excess and even include dental cover for pets. Some of their our policy features include:

  • Cover for life: lifetime cover for your cat or dog while they’re insured with Vets Choice
  • Accident and illness cover: cover for cancer, bone breaks and fractures as well as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries – a common knee injury in dogs.
  • Multi-pet discount: receive a discount for insuring all your pets with Vets Choice
  • No claims bonus: receive a no claims bonus for keeping your pets happy and healthy

Find out more by getting a quote for pet insurance today, or speaking to one of our insurance specialists on 1800 999 738.

Animal SOS Australia is currently showing on channel 7TWO on Fridays and Sundays or any other time on the 7Plus app.

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