Monitoring your cat's urinary health at home

21 Nov 2021

Advertorial: Royal Canin

Our feline friends are the masters of many things, and when it comes to their health, they can be the masters of disguise. This often makes it difficult to detect and identify health issues when they arise.

Urinary health issues are among the most common in cats. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is one of these health conditions, and the likelihood that a cat will experience FLUTD more than once is even more common. In fact, the recurrence of FLUTD occurs in over 50% of cases![i]

Furthermore, monitoring for urinary conditions such as FLUTD, and trying to detect for recurrence, is not easy for pet owners.

Imagine if there was a tool that allowed you to easily monitor your cat’s urinary health in the comfort of your home and detect signs of urinary issues early, flagging the need to take your cat to the vet for further examination, treatment and care... Imagine no more! Thanks to an innovation from Royal Canin, pet owners can take at-home care of their cat to a whole new level by proactively monitoring their cat’s urinary health in a non-invasive and stress-free way.

This innovation is called HEMATURIA DETECTION by Blücare. Haematuria is the veterinary term for ‘blood in urine’. This blood is naked to the human eye and can be an indicator for a range of serious underlying medical conditions including FLUTD. Early detection of haematuria supports early veterinary treatment, even before pet owners may be able to recognise clinical signs. If urinary conditions can be detected early, they are often easier to manage and less costly.

HEMATURIA DETECTION by Blücare is a white litter granule that can be sprinkled over a cat’s litter tray. If the granules change colour from white to blue when the cat urinates on them, this indicates the presence of haematuria and signals to the pet owner that it is time to take their cat to the vet.

Royal Canin has designed this tool to support cats and their owners by easing the at-home monitoring for the detection of haematuria and the early detection of recurrence.

If you are concerned about your cat’s urinary health, or if your cat has experienced urinary conditions such as FLUTD in the past, speak to your veterinarian to see if HEMATURIA DETECTION by Blücare is right for you and your cat.

Further product information is also available on the Royal Canin website.

Benefits for your cat

  • Urinary test can be used in a non-invasive manner in the cat's home environment
  • No change needed in litter or environment*
  • Can detect blood in the urine, a common sign of a urinary condition, helping with early intervention or ongoing monitoring to support a faster recovery.

Benefits for you

  • Provides reassurance by allowing you to monitor your cat’s urinary health and help avoid further complications
  • Helps determine if a veterinary consultation is required
  • Simple to use

[i] Scherk, M., Buffington, C. A., Carozza, E., Curtis, T., Duncan, K., Kruger, J., & McKelvey, D. (2018). Blucare Granules: A novel tool for the early detection and monitoring of urinary tract disorders in cats.

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