Australia Day Honours 2018

by Richmond, R
28 Feb 2018

Three veterinarians were honoured on Australia Day this year.

Professor Margaret Anne ROSE was awarded an AM for significant service to animal welfare and the ethics of scientific research, and to veterinary science as an academic and clinician. Her services include Chair, New South Wales Animal Research Review Panel (ARRP) 1986–2010. Created by the Animal Research Act, the panel is a statutory body that provides advice to the Minister on the use of animals in research and teaching. Professor Rose was also instrumental in the development of the New South Wales Animal Research Act 1985.

Dr. Judith Marion SLOCOMBE was awarded an AM for significant service to the community through child protection programs, and to veterinary science as a clinician, innovator, and mentor.

Dr. Philip William LADDS was awarded an AM for significant service to veterinary science as a clinician, to education as an academic, researcher and author, and to professional associations.

Dr. Ladds, a life member of the AVA, said that thinking back over his long career, there have been numerous highlights.

“One of my first was working on the eradication of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Queensland – which is what I based my Master’s thesis on. Another highlight was setting up the Pathology section in the then Graduate School of Tropical Veterinary Science at James Cook University. Teaching, research projects and guiding graduates from Australia and overseas was challenging and demanding, but also very rewarding.

“My involvement in the College, working with other dedicated professionals to maintain high standards throughout veterinary pathology, has been high on my list of achievements. I have always tried to encourage a pursuit of excellence.

“Writing the Pathology of Australian native wildlife presented a challenge and collaboration with my colleagues was essential to the success of the book. Without their time and effort, it would have been a daunting job,” he said.

Dr. Ladds said he would like to express his sincere thanks and appreciation to his colleagues who nominated him based on the significant contribution he has made to veterinary pathology in Australia and overseas.

“I am extremely honoured by this award. It was totally unexpected. I’d also like to thank the committee of the Order of Australia for making this award possible.

“I feel very fortunate to have worked with many fine professionals throughout my career, which has made my job rewarding, fulfilling and extremely enjoyable,” he said.

Dr. Ladds said he has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for the last 18 years and in 2015 he had a quadruple heart bypass, subsequently suffering a stroke.

“Unfortunately, this has left me severely impaired, both cognitively and physically and I am grateful for the support around me.

“I’d particularly like to thank my wife, Jennifer, and my family for their continued support and encouragement.”

This article appeared in the Australian Veterinary Journal: Aust Vet J 2018;96(3):N2

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