Disaster relief for graziers in Queensland

22 Feb 2019

Graziers in the far north of Queensland are dealing with devastating conditions following record rain and flooding affecting parts of the state. Figures from local governments in the region are indicating stock losses of approximately 300,000 head, from the floods and exposure to the changing elements.

Support available for affected graziers

The Australian Veterinary Association is coordinating the Queensland Flood Veterinary Hotline available on 1800 62 19 18 for the North Queensland flood crisis to provide support and advice to affected graziers. This is manned by volunteer veterinary practices who are members of the AVA and are also experienced cattle veterinarians.

Graziers ringing this hotline will have an experienced veterinarian to speak with, can receive support, general advice and referral to their nearest veterinary clinic if this is necessary for further treatment. The volunteer veterinarians taking these hotline calls will assist the veterinarians at the frontline of the floods to provide service and support for graziers.

The Australian Veterinary Association is also working with the Queensland Government and councils to ensure that the Hotline number reaches those in need.

Assistance for veterinary practices providing help

Some veterinary practices providing local support in the flood crisis are stretched from the viewpoint of practice sustainability, with some clinics currently offering consultations without charge and sending out drugs and supplies at no cost to those in need.

To assist these practices, the Australian Veterinary Association is developing communications to go to the federal and state governments which will focus on the financial support that these veterinary practices need.

Help protect your surviving livestock

There are a range of health conditions which can be experienced by surviving livestock following the flooding. For more information on what to look out for and what actions can be taken to protect surviving livestock, visit Farm Biosecurity.