Barney’s Story - the Value of Vet’s Choice Pet Insurance

28 Feb 2023

While we want every claim to have a happy ending, unfortunately, not all of them do. For Barney’s owners, Tammi and Tom, Barney’s terminal diagnosis was made easier through a team of vets, and of course, the help of Vet’s Choice.

Barney, an eight-and-a-half-year-old Doberman x Blue Heeler, entered his kitchen one morning with a slight limp, barely noticeable at first. Throughout the day, his limp continued to worsen, that’s when a lump was found behind his right shoulder.

24 hours later, Barney’s biopsy results came back with no cause for alarm. However, over the next week, Barney’s limp persisted so the decision was made to remove the lump, costing $1,500.

Barney’s recovery seemed positive at first, however Barney began bleeding from his wound. Owners Tammi and Tom rushed Barney to a 24-hour vet hospital; his blood levels had dropped from 55 to 24. Barney stayed in hospital overnight and eventually stabilised, costing $2,500.

Barney needed diagnostic testing to find the cause of his bleed. Registered Specialist Dr. Lucia Yu spoke with Tammi and Tom, outlining the tests Barney needed:

  • a full body ultrasound
  • CT scans
  • multiple organ biopsies

The price quoted for these tests was $6,500. Usually, conversations with patients around pricing can be difficult, but in this case, Tammi and Tom said yes without hesitation. It was okay, they said, because they had pet insurance.

Barney’s tests came back with the worst-case scenario: hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer of the blood vessels, was detected all throughout his body. At best, he had one month.

While this outcome is something no pet owner wants to hear, Dr. Yu was able to provide Barney the best care through his cover with Vet’s Choice. Tammi and Tom were given peace of mind knowing there was nothing they could have done to prevent it and they gave Barney the best palliative care possible.

Altogether, the total cost of Barney’s care was $11,600. With their Vet’s Choice cover, Tammi and Tom’s bill was only $1,100.

With pet insurance in place, the burden of cost can be alleviated, allowing vets to do everything possible for pets in their care.

At Vet’s Choice, our mission is to help support the community of pets who care for our vets. Through this ongoing commitment to our Australian vets, we can ensure your furry family members have all the support they can get through the hardest of times.

Find out more about how you can protect your furry family members by visiting today.

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