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Performing anaesthesia-free dentistry (AFD) is a relatively new and increasing trend generally offered by groomers and other pet service providers.
SAARS, avian influenza, Hendra virus, Nipah virus, West Nile virus – these are just some of the diseases that have resulted in the death of people across multiple nations, including Australia.
Some people are better communicators than others and according to United States-based veterinary behaviourist, Dr Theresa DePorter, the same goes for dogs.
An obstructed labour (dystocia) is one of the most common emergency cases in production animals.

Cattle nutrition

14 May 2018
Not knowing how much and what to feed a cow to keep the rumen healthy can lead to a number of problems affecting both individual animals and the herd as a whole.
Antimicrobial resistance is recognised as a global threat to human health. But is it threatening the health and welfare of Australian animals?
This week, the largest veterinary exhibition in the southern hemisphere will be held in Brisbane at the Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference.
Veterinarians from across Australia and around the world are in Brisbane this week for our country’s biggest and most renowned veterinary conference – the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Annual Conference.
The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) continues to express its concerns regarding the need for stronger animal welfare provisions on future live animal export voyages to the Middle East.
This world veterinary day, Aussie vets are using this opportunity to express their concerns regarding the health and welfare of some of Australia’s most popular and loved dog breeds.

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